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Celebrating "Pink" Doesn't Automatically Reinforce Female Stereotypes

Does PinkBattle “reinforces stereotypes” of women? Clearly, many of the this or that picture battles we feature are in categories typically associated with women, sometimes referred to as ‘pink issues.’

When we examine the this or that picture battles on the site, we find Maureen who posted Match It vs. Clash It, then Jen who posted OPI vs. Essie, and Lisa with Group Date vs. Girls night.

It appears as though most the battles are in those “embarrassing” categories of fashion, shopping and entertainment. One might think about jumping up and telling these women they have it all wrong:

“Women: stop making battles about fashion, shopping and babies. You’re embarrassing us! 

Go start some more ‘manly’ battles. Pick something you know nothing about and are completely disinterested in.”

But that wouldn't make much sense at all. Not that there aren't 'manly' or gender-neutral battles on PinkBattle too, like Wine vs. Beer or Superhero movies vs. Sci Fi movies but that's not the point either.

We want women to feel confident and inspired to start any battle they want – whether in a so-called "pink" topic like food or fashion, or a decidedly unpink category like high tech or sports. 

We want to support everyone, both men AND women who participate in the PinkBattle community…for whatever reason that makes them passionate enough to do it. Let women do what they love and not try to measure up to a metric defined by someone else.

Let them be themselves by following their own interests and passions, in their own way, and making the choices that suit their personal needs.

Now that’s a stereotype we will definitely be reinforcing.

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Do you care if Nicki Minaj votes for Mitt Romney?

Minaj has triggered a controversy over endorsing Republican Mitt Romney over President Barack Obama. When pressed on the matter, the pop star says that it was all a joke, telling a Florida radio station that she was not really a Mitt Romney fan and that she never meant to endorse the Republican candidate for U.S. president. What do you think? Do you care? Who are you voting for?

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Belly Rings: too trashy?

When it comes to body piercings, the list goes on and on: belly rings, tongue barbells, nose studs, and nipple rings. Most guys appear to like belly rings but others think they are trashy. To each his own. Belly button piercing is popular among models and celebrities. But, it is not for everyone.

Parents are usually against having it done. Wearing open-midriff tops is forbidden by many schools too. A belly button piercing can take up to two years to heal.

Find out what other women think about belly rings at

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Women's This or That for iPhone and iPad

Sometimes you need a girl's honest opinion on something...

PinkBattle is a This or That site and mobile web app that gives women an easy way to get feedback about a decision between different choices. Women can ask a This or That question and choose images representing each choice using an easy built-in image search feature. The question can then be shared to the PinkBattle community, and also out to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, other social sharing sites, and to friends via email. Questions are grouped into categories: Beauty, Entertainment, Food, Gadgets, Home, Life, Love, and Mom.

When it comes time to vote, people can easily choose between each option, add their own comments, or share it again as a “Re-Battle.” There is no time limit. The results of the vote tallies are displayed as percentages or relative bar graphs.

PinkBattle is focused on mobile and is optimized specifically for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It also works on Android phones and tablets and most other smartphones.

Ask questions and get honest answers from real-world girls. Make them fun or make them serious. Find relationship advice and beauty advice from other women.

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